Does Fendi go on sale?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I’ve spent almost two years taking supplementary classes and I’ve finally gotten into the program I’ve been aiming for. I want to get a bag for myself as a congratulatory gift. I’ve decided on the monster Kan I


    It will be my first Fendi bag. I want to ask some more experienced shoppers... do Fendi bags go on sale?

    For example, has Saks or Neiman Marcus ever had Black Friday deals on fendi? Should I try and wait for a discount? Or should I grab it now? It will be the most expensive thing I’ve purchased (aside from tuition) so I want to make a wise and informed decision!

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Yes, Fendi definitely goes on sale! There were many Kan-I models on sale during the summer end of season sales. Monster items tend to go pretty quickly, though, and there isn't a 100% guarantee that the precise item you want will go on sale, so you should think about how badly you want that particular Kan-I. You can also get discounts by signing up for cash back services that will give you a percentage back on on-line purchases - the amount will vary depending on the day, but cash back for NM, for example, can be as high as 14% (and as low as 2%). Congratulations to you!
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  3. Thank you! I’m very excited to start Nursing

    Which stores have the end of season sales? Do the actual boutiques have sales, or is shopping through a department store going to be my best bet?

    I am so new to this... may I ask you what this cash back service is?

    Thank you for all your help!!
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  4. The boutiques do have end of season sales, as well as the website. I would try to identify which stores carry the bag you want, so you can monitor their sales as Thanksgiving approaches. By cash back service, I mean something like ******.com. As long as you are comfortable with the site collecting your purchasing data, you will benefit by going through their website to make a an on-line (and sometimes in-store, although I haven't tried this feature) purchase at a store that offers a percentage cash back through their program.
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  5. Sorry, I just realized the system XXXed out the website I identified. Just type in "cash back service" of "cash back website" on Google. This will bring up review articles from cnet, etc., so you can find out more information and decide if this is something you'd like to try or not.
  6. IMG_1535858271.169581.jpg
    I can’t remember if I got mine in the month of nov or December but I lucked up and got mine on sale! So yes there is definitely a chance the bag may go on sale you just have to keep your eyes open and maybe give your information to a sales associate. Good luck!
  7. Hijacking this thread for a slightly different sale question. Does Fendi ever put their larger size peekaboos on sale? I went through the deals forum and all I see are micros and minis posted, as well as very embellished and seasonal ones.

    I found a lovely large peekaboo with the exact color combo that I want and I'm trying to digest the price tag. Does anyone know from past experience know if those will ever go on sale or should I just get it now before it sells out?
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  8. Honestly, I wouldn't wait. Until the end of last year, you could find at least some regular sized Peekaboos on sale during the end of season sales through one or two retail stores. That policy seems to have changed (at least in the US). I did find a regular studded Peekaboo at a great discount this summer (I ended up returning it). However, that was the only Peekaboo I found on sale that was not a micro version - and I watch the sales pretty closely. If it's the color combo you want, I would go ahead and get it. If you subscribe to any of the cash rebate websites, the best bet would be to buy the bag through a major retailer and obtain a percentage cash back that way. Just my two cents.
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  9. Thanks! This is a pretty classic color anyway so I highly doubt it'll go on sale.
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  10. Post a pic when you have it - I'd love to see it! :heart:
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  11. which store did you find those booties on sale? They look gorgeous!
  12. Thanks! I purchased them from neiman Marcus