Does Fendi do fixes for the spy wand?

  1. I have a spy bag that I got a long time ago. For some reason I just couldnt find myself using it much because the whole wand thing bothered me a lot, so I took it to a shoe repair shop and had it removed completely.

    Well now, I sort of regret that decision and am wondering if there are any ways for them to attach another one on? Can I take this to Fendi and they will do it?
  2. hmm not too sure about it - but you can probably try calling them and ask...wont be too surprised if they charge you a fee if they can do it...
  3. OMG!!! You castrated your spy bag? :sad: What did you do with its thingey? I mean is it totally gone? :wtf:
  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: spot on Baglady.

    I could not believe someone would do this either, think fendi would repair it if you have all the bits.....
  5. I think Fendi will try to repair it, coz in Fendi Hong Kong once there was a customer, her spy wand was destroyed by her dog biting her bag, the wand was broken, Fendi helps repaired it for her.
  6. Sorry girls, yes I did do that. I couldnt stand the wand it rubbed me the wrong way. But thankfully I only did it to one of my spies, I did consider doing it to all of them, but was afraid I'd regret it. I don't have the piece anymore though...
  7. Vernissima, try call Fendi and ask about it, I am sure they will be willing to help u with the situation! We all loves Spy, I do hope ur bag is fine and nice!
  8. Whether they will repair it depends on where you bought it and how long ago it was. There is a thread about Fendi's repair policy, if you care to look it up.
  9. I bought a bag, but the spy wand needs to be reattached. Does anyone know if Neimans can fix this? I thought I read they could, but I now I cannot find the thread.
    If anyone knows what size the screws is, I can fix it myself.
  10. It would probably be best to get it done at a Fendi Boutique (if possible) :biggrin:
  11. I'm not sure if Dallas has a standalone store, but I can check. I thought they wouldn't fix bag unless they are purchased from them.