Does FedEx do deliveries on President's Day?

  1. I know it may sound like an idiotic question and I apologize, but I really have no idea...I know I can call them up, but I figured I'd ask here anyways :shrugs:

    I am expecting the package (an LV!!) for Monday...but just wanna know if I should be excited and awaiting it, or that it's a moot point and it'll be here Tues. instead.

    Thanks all! xoxo :heart:
  2. Uhhh...nevermind...I just called them. Regular business hours as usual. I also told them my name, address and they said it is due to arrive Monday before 3pm.

    Nothing like answering your own question, LOL. I always seem to do that. Der Dur :nuts:
  3. Yea!!! An LV on Monday! Bet you're dying to get it! Which one did you order?
  4. That's good to know, not that I'm getting anything, but I'm glad you have your LV to look forward to!
  5. Perfect timing! I was wondering the same thing because I'm expecting a Linea Pella Piper Speedy. My tracking number shows that it was delivered to my city on the 15th so it should be here tomorrow.
  6. You won't get mail and banks are closed but fedex does come.
  7. I hope DHL delivers today, too!