Does FedEx deliver on weekends?

  1. Two different people are telling me two different things.

    I am having something delivered FedEx (ground I believe) and one person says they will deliver on Sat.& Sun. and another says "no".

    Any thoughts (I don't have a tracking number so I can't tell)
  2. i dont think ground delivers on saturday.

    there is special Fedex Saturday Delivery. and its more expensive.
  3. I get Fedex on Saturdays
  4. no one delivers on sundays.

    i believe it's only fedex overnight, 2-day, or fedex home delivery services that will deliver on saturdays.
  5. i don't think ground delivers on saturday either.. overnight package deliver on saturday..
  6. FedEx does not deliver Sunday or Monday. Ground delivers Tuesday-Saturday up until 7 p.m. residentially.
  7. saturday is not covered on ground shipping, if it's priority or 2-day you can have the option for "Saturday Delivery" but it costs more
  8. Fedex Ground to residential addresses delivers Tuesday thru Saturday.

    There is also a Saturday delivery option with other Fedex services. However, there is an extra fee charged for this service.
  9. only once i got a delivery on saturday from FedEx but that was during Christmas season and it was ground. They never deliever on sundays.
  10. ^ thanks.
  11. So if they're delivering to a house - it won't come until Tues.?
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    sorry, wrong info.
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    If the sender shipped Fedex ground and checked residential address on the Fedex ground form, it will only be scheduled for delivery Tuesday thru Saturday.

    If you go to the fedex website and enter the tracking number, the scheduled delivery date will be posted.

    Hope this helps :smile:

    ETA: Just realized you don't have a tracking number. If you call Fedex ( 800-463-3339) they sometimes can track a package without the tracking number (using your delivery address).

    It's worth a try