Does Febreze work on Handbag??

  1. Anyone have success in removing odor from Handbags using Febreze?? Does Febreze work? Thanks :confused1:
  2. Yes, I've used Febreze on the interior of a bag before. It worked pretty well ;) I would just be careful not to get any on the leather (if it's a leather bag that is...)
  3. Oh, Thanks! That's good to hear! :nuts: What kind of odor did Febreze remove from your bag? Does it leave a "Febreze scent" in your bag? I have faint perfume smell in my bag...I have tried to leave a opened box of baking soda in it for a week, but it doesn't completely remove it.
  4. It was kind of a weird musty smell. I had bought the bag off eBay...

    I would also suggest charcoal to get rid of odor. You can buy one of those charcoal/carbon aquarium filter refills at any store for a few bucks. Place it in your bag a couple of days & it should absorb any odors.
  5. Thanks, acegirl...I will try those suggestions! :yes:
  6. I have heard people put bags upside down on those ion air cleaner things. And just sitting them outside works too.
  7. Baking soda works well too