Does Fake LV handles turn into patina too?

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  1. Hi there,

    I have a real neverfull and one of my ofcmate just bought a neverfull as well in ioffer(fake) and I was shocked that I couldn't even tell the difference from my real one! :wtf:

    I have the impression that you can tell the real LV (monogram) from the fake ones from their handle once it turns into patina. IS THIS TRUE??? Does the handle of the fake ones turn into patina as well???

    I'm still new in this forum, forgive me if this was discussed before. TIA!:smile:
  2. I think that's true for the most part...I'm not an expert on fakes though.
  3. Hi there, I'm not an expert either however, it is my understanding that it is only real cowhide leather (the kind on REAL LV bags) turns that lovely patina. I have heard of AAA fakes, really good superfakes also having real leather on the bag, which also turns into that caramel color like the authentic bags. I've also heard that some fakes' leather turns more of an orange than a caramel but I think if they are expensive and really good fakes, the leather could turn a caramel color as well. Definately post in the "Authenticate This" section to get an expert's opinion on any bags you are looking to purchase in the future! :smile:
  4. No, I don't think so because the handles aren't leather, they're plastic, essentially.

    Nowadays, fake-makers are just using patina-colored pleather to get the look of an already-patined fake. :push: Icky.
  5. Some fakebags, are like noticeable fakes, but the leather gets sort of dirty and could pass as patina.

    But fake is fake.
  6. Yes they do patina but only the higher quality fakes the lower quality a lot of other things would give it away first.

    However even though the patina the colour is still wrong it doesn't go that nice honey it tends to have orangey tints it just looks off
  7. YES... my fren's mum have a replica speedy 30 from korea she use it for 8 yers and had develop great first i tok it was a real deal she told me it's frm korea i was shock !!!:nuts: will post pic if i get the even have leather smell....
  8. i looked at the ioffer u were talking about and they state that no one will tell as they get patina*holes
  9. My boyfriend bought me white MC speedy 30 from eBay a few years ago. He paid 250$ (so I assumed it's fake). The handles turned from white to a nice honey color b/c it's made of real leather. However, the multicolor monogram feels like plastic and the brass hardware is extremely cheep and broke down. The bag is really heavy compare to the real one.
  10. ^ If you'd like to authenticate the bag, feel free to post pictures in authenticate this.

    As this is discussion of fake bags, let's close this. :yes:
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