Does fading deter you from buying?

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  1. I have read so much about how light bags fade pretty bad...the pale pinks, ice blues, etc...Does this deter you from wanting to buy them and stick with the darker colors?:shrugs:
  2. Yes. :yes: Both fading and yellowing deter me. I wish that weren't so, though, cuz I'd DIE for a calcaire bag!!!
  3. yikes! I didn't even know that lighter colored bbags fade! Why oh why???
  4. i thought it wouldnt... but then i wound up buying an ice blue compagnon on eBay awhile ago... i got it at a GREAT price, but i can see why. Not only is it faded, it's yellowed too!

    Still love the little bugger, but i'm holding off on the lighter colors for now.
  5. Yes.. that and the fact that it's more noticeable when it's dirty.
  6. It does deter me - It would kind of preevent me from getting enough use out of it:smile: Do love the pastels though!
  7. It does deter me too.
  8. That's why I only stick to dark or black bbags.
  9. I wouldn't buy a light colour again, unless I really, really wanted it. My Sky blue has faded more since I bought it a couple of months ago, so I don't think I'd buy a pale blue again. Although, my ice blue purse which I have had for a year is still perfect.
  10. I have an Ice Blue which I loooove. So far no fading or yellowing, but then again I haven't used her much, probably will when the weather is better.
    But to answer the question, I would have to really really want the colour to get another light bag.
  11. Fading doesn't really deter me from buying, it's the yellowing I am worried of:yes:
  12. I have an opportunity to buy an ice blue day in excellent condition (corners, perfect handles, no dirt, etc)from a friend of a friend...the bag is already faded but pretty evenly so it actually doesn't look so bad as the blue stitching and zipper colors still give it some pop (the mirror is more blue)...I don't own any light bags and don't know if this will get worse and now with the yellowing issue to possibly worry about...seems like it's on a chance basis I guess as to what will happen with your color...must be the difference in the hides originally before or after the tanning as I would think the dying process is the same for all...I really wanted an ice blue day but you have steered me thanks for your opinions and comments...they were helpful and I will put my checkbook away...:sad:
  13. It deters me but I am a richer, deep colored kind of girl. I never have been tempted to buy pale colors. Diana, you have an AWESOME collection already so don't be sad you didn't get the Day!
  14. Fading, yellowing and handle-darkening all really scare me. I don't have endless funds, so I'd rather use them to buy bags that will weather the storm a little better.

    The only reason I bought a white bag is because it was such a great price for a pewter hardware/longer strap First that I don't think I'll be too afraid to use it... but I plan to put a protectant spray on it the minute it arrives and be very, very careful. I suspect it will be my only really light bag.
  15. Not so far but I haven't had any experience with it yet. It is hard to determine how widespread the yellowing problem is based on posts. Some people say their bags have yellowed and some say they are perfect. Is it possibly caused by treating the bags? Who knows?