Does Express Mail Intl incl signature confirmation?

  1. So, it seems that USPS EMI is a very popular way to send packages internationally from the US. But, does it get signature confirmation? If not, how are you all handling the seller protection requirement that you get signature from the buyer? Thanks!
  2. I use it by using USPS website. That way I can see the signature box is checked.
  3. ^absolutely...
  4. I see signature box for domestic shipping but for international, I dont see the option. Also, when I spoke with Paypal this morning, they told me I had to generate my label through Paypal in order to be protected. That doesn't sound right to me. Can anyone advise?

  5. USPS International Express comes with signature confirmation. When you send something Express in the US, you can check a box to waive the confirmation; for Express International someone has to sign for it. When they do, it will show online the last name of the person who signed. You do not have to generate your label through PP to be protected.
  6. I don't do international but I know there are some differences between buying postage via PayPal and directly from USPS site (Click-N-Ship), like I can print scan form on Maybe the signature box is one of them?
    But even if you buy postage on rather than via PayPal, you'd still have a proof of shipping. So I think you should be OK.

    I guess PayPal was just saying that because the record is directly stored in their system.
  7. I must be an idiot because I am going through the steps on USPS to generate a label and nowhere do I see an option to get signature. I also looked up a an item I sold 1.5 months ago to an international buyer and there is no signature on record. I don't know if that's because it was 1.5 months ago and got deleted but I need to make sure that EMI does get signature. Is everyone SURE that EMI gets signature? The Paypal person I spoke with told me not to use USPS and said I'm much better off with FedEx and UPS but those carriers cost way more. I don't know what her beef is with USPS.

  8. I think you should call USPS and ask them to know for sure.
  9. Thanks a lot. I tried but they are closed. Guess I won't know for sure until tomorrow.

  10. There is also an online chat that should be available during their business hours. So you can do both and make sure you get the same answer both on the phone and through the chat. I've been wondering the same thing myself about the signature confirmation for both Express and Priority International. I couldn't find anywhere on the USPS site that explicitely states that they provide signature confirmation. It just says that they have tracking.
  11. Precisely. I will update when I find out

  12. I got a package from US which was sent Express Mail International, and I had to sign for it when the postman delivered it at my door. :smile:
  13. Ok talked to USPS. Told signature is not required.
  14. Thanks for the info! I think it just depends on the country and may even be at postal person's discretion.

  15. Well, i just called a second time and am now told that signature IS required!