Does everyone know but me? 24C or 12C Coach Handbags

  1. I am a lover, sharer and user of Coach..sharing on eBay any great finds I come across.
    I have some Coach I purchased and the tags say ?C, the ? is different on the handbags........only a
    I have counted Cs, measured Cs, dreamed about Cs, got on Coach to find what this means, and why I didn't just come ask all of you what this means is rediculous.
    If you could solve this mystery for me so I can sleep and know what it means...I would be thrilled and then when I share them on eBay..and someone asks me..I will know.
    By is probably obvious so please don't make fun of my asking.
    Jonna or
  2. I think it is centimeters? the height and width of the cs?
  3. I wish you wre right...but that is not it.
    I have measrued, measured and measured......I may have a suspicion but at some point you think you have it..and then is not totally right.
    Suprized no one has more information.
  4. Are the 12C larger than the 24C? If so, could it be 12/foot (1") and 24/foot (1/2")?
  5. Nope....let me post tomorrow the pictures...
    My daughter spent hours trying to figure it out....
    The 24 Cs is the larger Cs and the smaller Cs are the 12...
    Here is what she finally came up with to solve it so i would quit straining my brain.
    On the 24 Cs one : there are 6 large Cs across and 4 large cs the other we thought 6 X 4......24..easy right????
    but then that did not work on the 12C...they are the smaller Cs..not the mini..but the small Cs....So she gave this explanation saying ...maybe its this: if you group Cs together into groups of 4.... then there are 4 groups going long way on handbag, and then 3 groups of 4 going the other way which would be 12 groups of or 3 X 4 = 12 groups of 4.Its the ONLY way we could come up with something..
    but this is a HuGE stretch of possibly guessing and trying really hard to make sense...

    Don't you think its weird no one knows about this????

    If I can remember..I will try to list pictures tomorrow...if not tomorrow...soon.
    Thanks for coming up with was a good guess.
  6. Yes, please post pictures, because now you've got me thinking and I have to know! LOL
  7. I'm betting millimeters rather than centimeters. 12mm does look to me about the size of the mini signature and 24mm about the size of the bigger signature (not the really large signature on some of the newer bags). I don't have a signature bag with me today to check that.

    Actually, I have my mini signature makeup bag and the C does measure 12mm across at the widest point.

    I'm not sure if that's the "truth" but it's working for me until I find that the normal signature isn't 24mm.
  8. Ok, I am really going to mess this up now...the 12C one is REGULAR Signature size, not the real small mini C and the larger one has the big Cs.....
    Ok this is 2 pictures, I tried to get closer to show you the size and this one is marked at 12C
    This is the 24C one.
    Hope you can pull them up. When I try to put them in, they are way too big....

    Let me know what you think!!:confused1: