Does everyone know about The Sartorialist?

  1. This thread was inspired by a few threads I've seen here asking about what people are wearing in other cities.

    I've spent hours looking through The Sartorialist blog--he's a photographer who goes all over the world photographing fashion. He also takes 'informal' street style photos of people he sees everywhere. Some absolutely wonderful fashion--not really trendy; his eye tends to be more towards the classic and new/innovative combinations of the classic, but I love the blog. There's a lot of men's fashion as well as women's too; and all of it is so inspirational! I feel like it's a good place to go to train your eye in fashion, too.

    Anyway, check it out if you have a few minutes to spare:

    Megs and Vlad ask that you don't link to other fashion blogs
  2. OMG, i love that site, really helpful when packing too :smile:
  3. I love his stuff! I can spend forever looking through his pictures.
  4. I love his blog. I check it out almost every day!
  5. It's a very nice idea, but his sense of style does not match mine, so I hardly ever visit his blog.
  6. ^ I agree. I used to check it a lot but recently his photos have all been of tall, skinny girls in ugly Balenciaga/YSL shoes, a big shiny bag, tights and then a lot of random floaty layers on their bodies. It's quite boring.
  7. I absolutely love his photos and blog. He has a definite eye for style and he picks out the kind of outfits that you yourself would never put together, but that others look unique and fashionable in. A blog for those that aren't afraid to experiment the mix of trendy and classic. Every photo looks like a magazine shoot in the city.
  8. I found his blog about 2 months ago. I love his sense of style and was a bit surprised to find that I have similar articles of clothing or outfits as quite a few of the women he photographs. Even so, I do find his taste a little redundant, very predictable.

    On the other hand as someone who looks for non-scripted subjects to photograph I appreciate how challenging it can be to find people like this to photograph.
  9. I do love going thro his blog to have a look at the pictures and what everyone is wearing.
  10. I :heart: the sartorialist's blog. His style isn't exactly mine either, so I like to balance things out by looking at a few other street style blogs too... my personal favorite is facehunter here:

    He photographs street style mostly in london, and also travels to different places like stockholm, copenhagen, iceland, and even miami! ;)

    Facehunter's choices a bit more funky / edgy than the sartorialist so a good counterpart imho :p
  11. ^^ thanks for that. I live in London, looks good!
  12. I love that blog! (and Facehunter too!)
  13. oh yea... i always forget about it... fantastic style inspiration! thanks for posting!
  14. I always look at that blog. It's wonderful.
  15. I love that site and I visit it regularly for inspiration!