does everyone here have a CITY?

  1. i d k wat's going on with me, i like the city, but i don't know if i LOVE it. does everyone in this forum have a city?
  2. a yes here! there's one accounted for!
  3. Yes, but I like the box and twiggy better.
  4. YES YES YES LOL I love the City!
  5. I don't have one. It's the only style I have not tried. It just isn't my style, but I love to look at them!
  6. Nope - my first bag was a city but I sold it a little while ago. I miss having a city in my collection :sad: hope to replace it with another one eventually.
  7. It definetly is my style, and I own four. I love it! It's a perfect medium bag and goes with everything, what's with yours that you don't love???
  8. Not me. My second Twiggy is on its way though! :yahoo: I want to try on a City soon and see if I'll love that style as much. :yes:
  9. I do and a black one at that, love it, it's my 'LBD' equivalent in handbag speak!
  10. I have 2. Love them.
  11. i love the city...i have's the perfect size!:yes:
  12. I have 4 as of today (I got an 04 mystery green) but I like the feel of the purse style better on my arm (I have 6 of those)...I want to try a day bag but I am uncertain as I was always a shoulder bag carrier...:wondering
  13. Not me!

    Lil' too small for me, so I'm sticking with my Work, and hopefully a Bowling really soon! ;)
  14. I LOVE THEM! i have 2 :smile:
  15. No - purses, day and work. City looks funny on my shoulder.