Does everyone have a "Emma" in their office?!.

  1. So, I work with a Emma, we have the same position, but looking after different areas. Emma used to be the administrative assistant for a Sr. VP, and my previous boss was told that he had no choice but to hire her. Within the department, Emma has about 35% of workload, while i have about 65%. Emma leaves at 4:00PM most of the nights. Emma, though an analyst, does not run any form of reports whatsoever. Emma has in several instances refused to execute directions becuase she is fed up, so I always end up doing the work. Emma screws up alot, but always manages to blame it on other people. At the end of the year, Emma gets the same job review as me.

    Does everyone work with a Emma? or is it just my luck?
  2. actually, i don't work with one. the "emma" which i'm exposed to is my sister in law. she's gotten fired from EVERY job she's had, yet she seems to still be able to find a new job, with good pay! it's sickening!
  3. I've worked with many an Emma-I feel for you. I have no advice because I used to make myself sick stressing about them.
  4. After a year of working with Emma, I am close to loosing my insanity, i just cannot justify this type of unfairness. i am dedicated, overworked, taken advantage of...i tried to resign last week, but an opportunity presented itself, but either way i'm removing myself from emma, either by transferring or leaving the company altogether.
  5. So, is the boss THAT blind ???
    When some Emmas appear I just wait and trust the managers to see the true colors....
  6. the bosses see the true colors, but they just don't do anything about it. emma has been w/ the company for along time, although she's fairly young, she had field experience, and she used to work for the sr. vice president, who adores her, and no, emma gets away with everything and anything. it is absolutely astounding to me.
  7. ^But Emma won't get promoted....if she does, you need to move on.
    She knows she's protected, either you do the same than her and relax (are you safe?) , either you (try to) ignore her -the world is unfair- and work well and think of the good experience for your career or you transfer.
    Let it out (w. us) bc we all need to !!
  8. Most times there are more than one Emma in the office.
  9. my emma's name is Downie. it's been a year, and i think the managers are finally starting to see what the rest of us that work with her on a daily basis have been complaining about.

    she just doesn't do anything right. nothing. she's untrainable. and when she screws up, she lies about it and blames other people. she knows not to blame me because i'll call her on it. most of her other crap, she won't pull when i'm there because i think she's a little afraid of me.

    and i'm about to be her boss in about a month.

    she won't last long.
  10. Sounds like a lot of the people my brother works with. He works in IT for a large power company. He knows his stuff inside and out. I mean, like he's the guy people go to when they don't know what to do. But they have a lot of totally clueless IT people because a lot of people are hired through a social network of who knows who. So some people like my brother work their ass off and know their stuff and others know about as much as I do about the job (which is nothing). Very sad that things like this go on.
  11. I have worked with a few Emmas through the years. Some have brown nosed their way to the top only to tumble. I have found though that bosses always are very aware of whos doing all the work - even if they don't let you know it. ;)
  12. my previous boss made it explicit in our converations that he is aware of Emma's doings, or lack of doings, and said he will striaghten her out during our reivew...well, guess whwat? we all got the same review, at least i know she got no less of a review than i did...and our new manager, who has been here for 3 months only, has not so subtly told me that he is aware of the different work ethics and capabilities between emma and I, but what does he do about it? nothing, if anything he picks up her slack, or try to get me to do it. emma will never go away becuase of her relationship w/ the sr. VP. no one will ever dare to move her, she has told me that if she wants to be a manager or anything else, she just needs to tell the sr. vp and she will get whatever she wnats.
  13. maybe shes sleeping with the guy. she must have something on him cause otherwise she wouldn't last too long or get those kind of concessions. its probably cheaper for the company to keep her on then to fire her and get someone new. either way, just kick ass so you can get promoted or go on to a better company with rave reviews following you.
  14. I find it amazing that so many people get away with this kind of behaviour at work.

    But I would bite my tongue just for a bit and bide my time. Because it surely can't continue this way, and if it's going to, I would suggest you search for another position.

    Maintain your integrity, which it sounds like you've been doing, and don't let her get under your skin - even if she is, don't let her see she is bugging you at all.

    She will get what she deserves in the end. Things generally work out that way.
  15. i am so amazed at the amount of stuff she gets away with. most ppl, other than my boss and i, who work closely w/ her, dont' really see through her, which shocks me too! but the way things have been, i dont' think she wil get what she deserves, i think she will continue to behave that wya and get away with it, my company seems to grow and foster 'emma's, though, i have to admit, she is the "emmest' person i have ever come across.