Does every Gucci bag have a unique serial #?

  1. I've just realized that the first line of the serial # corresponds to the model number. Now, what about the second line? What does it mean? Does every Gucci bag (even if it's the same color & style) have a unique #? Thanks!
  2. i'm not sure but i don't think the 2nd line is unique. i've seen the same number in more than one bag. maybe it's more a 'data code'?
  3. Just wondering how to read the serial numbers. The first line is model number? What is the second line?
  4. I am not sure but my sister and I both have the same Gucci bag in different colours and they both have exactly the same numers, both top and bottom row
  5. Were your bags purchased from a Gucci store, or department store? I know the top line is the style number, but I would have thought the bottom numbers would be different.