Does every Chanel bag have an authenticity card?

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  1. I bought one chanel bag and one LV bag from Saks, taking the great deal of buying 2 bags then get $400 G.C.

    But i just realized that neither of the bag has a authenticity card. it's my first time to buy Chanel and LV, so I'm not very sure should every chanel bag has a authenticity card with a series No.?

    I do believe the bag is authentic, but just feel weird why there is no authenticity card for this bag, i thought every chanel bag should have one...:hrmm:
  2. Did you look inside the zip compartment of your chanel bag? That was where I found the card. Sorry, I am a chanel newbie so hopefully someone else will chime in.
  3. They should come with the booklets (usually in a small black envelope) & the card. Sometimes its inside pockets etc
  4. Yes, every Chanel handbag comes with an authenticity card. If you have not got yours, take the bag back to Saks and ask the SA to look for one for you.

    Even Chanel wallets have authenticity cards.....! :lol:
  5. yeah, i look inside evey pocket, but didn't find's a display bag and the SA said it's the last one they carry. So is there the series on the authenticity card? if they lost it they couldn't give me another one since every series number is unqiue.:hrmm:
  6. The SAs have probably put it somewhere. You should go back and ask for it!! I would!!
  7. Oh no, I would either call up the SA or just bring the bag back and see what they can do for you. Good luck!
  8. Yeah, try to call your SA to see if she can find them. They should have been inside the bag.
  9. sigh, seems i'm not very lucky these days. first got a very weird rebecca minkoff MAM bag after waited for more than 1 month. the bag looks very weathered/distressed. Someone said its leather seems from a speacial collection but the hardware doesn't match, so nobody can recognize this odd bag, i have to return it, so disappointed..i just ordered a normal MAM, never want a 'special' collection.

    now, the chanel bag makes me a little bit upset again...sigh...
  10. Yup try to get the authenticity card if not, see if you could exchange for another bag with a card! Good luck!
  11. Authenticity cards get separated from bags at boutiques all the time. Sometimes the bags are returns. SA's are supposed to be careful and check returns to make sure cards and booklets are returned as well, but they aren't always. I bought a sale bag once and it didn't come with the card. I remember my SA searching through a box of loose cards she had for the card to match the authenticity sticker in my bag with no luck.
  12. Ask your SA to find your authenticity card for you. When I got my purse from Neiman Marcus, I realized when I got home that it didnt have the authenticity card so I called the Chanel Specialist the next day and requested to find mine. She found it after a few hours and mailed it to me the same day.

    Ask for yours!
  13. Hopefully your SA will be able to find the matching authenticity card. Keep us updated!
  14. I called the SA this morning, she said the authenticity card is not necessary to match with the sticker inside the bag, actually some chanel bags from factory don't come along with authenticity cards. So she could find one for me if i want.

    I'm very confused now...:girlsigh:
  15. ^ That's not true. Every Chanel bag (or wallet) has its own unique serial number. The serial number on the hologram sticker and on the authenticity card should match, otherwise there would be no point to give out authenticity cards.

    If you ever wanna return the bag or if you ever wanna sell it, then it would be important to have the matching authenticity card.

    Every Chanel bag should come with a dustbag, care booklet and authenticity card. If it got lost in the store then that's very unfortunate, but the SA shouldn't tell you some bogus story to get you off her back.