does epi leather darken over time?

  1. i see a green epi speedy on eBay, but it's darker than i'd like. i'm looking for a bright kelly green, but the bag appears to be a dark forest or hunter green.

    i'm wondering if the bag just got darker over time, or if it's just the lighting in the photo.

    (please note-i am not questioning the authencity of the bag, just wondering why the color appears as it does!)

    has anyone's epi leather in any "bright" color gotten darker over time? thanks so much!
  2. Epi does not darken over time unless it's discolored. The Borneo green epi color is always fairly dark shade of green.
  3. wow, thanks so much for your response! i had been hoping for a brighter kelly green type bag. good to know before looking on eBay. thanks so much!
  4. I have an alma in the cannelle....its maintained its color and still looks great !!!