Does Elux send bags with plastic still on??

  1. I am so picky and have always bought mine from an LV boutique only w/ plastic on's been about 3 years and I know the new thing (which I think is stupid) is that they have to unwrap everything..but does Eluxury leave them on any of the bags?? Could I request it?? TIA!!
  2. Yes. I just got mine today and it still had the plastic on it.
  3. My piece arrived w/ plastic.
  4. I think Elux pieces always come with plastic on!
  5. Depends on the item. If it was a previous return, it might not have the plastic on it.
  6. Some do and some don't but I have never requested it specifically
  7. yup!
  8. My last 2 pochette straps came in plastic.
  9. My last 3 Elux bags did not have plastic on the handles.
  10. huh, ive never seen an authentic bag with plastic on it! i didn't know they did that, but then again, i just started buying in the past year.
  11. None of my elux purchases had plastics and so you were returned.
  12. Both my LV's from ELux had plastic on the handles
  13. I just received a Damier Speedy 30 today from Elux - no plastic on the handles. It was boxed with a drawstring dust bag - just beautiful!
  14. Eluxury leaves the plastic on the bags but like some of the ladies said, you might not be getting one with plastic on the bag because it was a return. All my Eluxury purchases have come with plastic on the handles.

    And it doesnt hurt to request one with plastic
  15. Some have plastic and some don't. However most I have purchased from them do. I still get some bags from the boutique with plastic. You just nee a good relationship with an SA.

    I doubt you can request the plastic on the handles via elux as I doubt they could guarantee it because they probably ship from a warehouse.