Does elux LV purchase come with all the bells and whistles

  1. i.e. box, dustbag, booklet?

    Only bought from boutique before
  2. Yeppers and all of my handbags have come with plastic on the handles as well! Double plus!
  3. and, not only that...depending where you live, you might also get the benefit of not paying any sales tax!;)
  4. How excited we get over our LV bags! :nuts:
  5. Yes it does. :yes:
  6. do they charge sales tax? i'm in texas.

    is it free shipping?
  7. ^ yes, unfortunately they do charge sales tax for texas :cursing: (san antonio here) ....
    and shipping is not free, although it is slightly lower than it used to be
  8. ^ i might just get one from the LV store in Galleria Mall (I'm from Houston).
  9. NO_ elux DOES NOT charge taxes for Texas!?!!? It is not free shipping but like $12!
  10. Through the actual LV store yes. Not at elux they don't!
  11. i asked elux if luggage comes with a box and they said no :sad:
  12. i live in houston, and i've never been charged sales tax from elux. only shipping.
  13. I didn't know they even made boxes for luggage! That's good to know!
  14. the boxes for luggage are absoutely massive! I have a few
  15. eLuxury charges Sales Tax for CA and TN only, I think.