does either of these come in the ink blue?

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  1. sorry if this has been addressed previously. And does anyone know the number and price for them?
    Coach Bleeker.jpg bag.jpg
  2. Ok, please tell me where everyone is getting photos of the Bleecker collection from.
  3. The first is 11422, I don't know/couldn't find in the drilldown, the number of the shoulder flap. Then I found another 11420. Call Coach for prices.

    Sometimes if you LEFT on a Coach photo, and scroll down to properties the style number appears.
    11424_d1.jpg 11420_d1.jpg
  4. The Felicia does not come in ink nor does the Carryall come in ink. The only bags which do are the Bleeker regular duffle and small duffle as well as the Bleeker Flap bag. The colors for the Felicia and the Carryall are tan and coal. These bags are not available to order now according to Coach. They will be available sometime during the third week of September.

  5. Hi kstyle,

    Here's a link...

    Type in the style number (where you see the 11424).

    The Bleeckers are in the range of 11415 to 11465 based on previous posts and as far as I have been able to find - every time I've checked "drilldown" as it's called, they add something new every few days or so. What may not come up as anything may actually be a legitimate style number, but hasn't been posted yet. . .For example, the Large Flap #11419 as of yet has no drilldown pic. But before long it should! Oh, and the drilldown pics also will only show one color of a given style number, not the variety available.
  6. OMG!!! That first bag is absolutely gorgeous!!! WOW!!!
  7. BTW, has anyone seen a price for style #11424??
  8. Mazie May, want to have more fun with the drilldown?

    See how the above link has B4WT? That's the description of the bag's color. Change that to B4NA and the natural color pops up!! I just substitute the item number and then the color code to find pics of colors that I want. You have to decode the colors though. You can do that by right clicking on the enlarged pictures on and scrolling down to properties. For example SL is silver hardware, B4 is brass. WT is white, NA is natural, I think BL is black or BK. (can't remember!) Anyway, you get it! Makes it a bit more fun!

    Now, can someone tell me the item number of the small duffle? TIA!

  9. So look what I found using the method I described above:

  10. ok, what is that item number then? gorgeous!
  11. ^^ 11422!
  13. BTW, I found out the price on the slim duffel, style #11424 is $598. I can't wait to see this bag IRL.

    I looked through the book this evening and as far as I can tell only the leather duffels (like above) and the flap bags with the longer straps are available in ink. I wish they would do more dark blue bags. I know I need black, but I just love blue bags!