Does Ebay take it seriously?!

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  1. I've had 2 complaints against harrassing buyers, 2 cases of non paying buyer, and this is my 3rd time listing my Louboutins because of retracted bids just before 24 hours of closing bid.

    I blocked all these people, yet when I look on their profile, no strikes as ebay promises and mandates, no nothing. They can just go on with their bidding lives like no big deal.

    Does ebay really give a hoot? Because when I've been wronged as a seller, it seems like they don't really give a crap.
  2. You can't see strikes issued on other people's accounts. You can block people with strikes against bidding on your items, that's when the strikes come in 'handy', so to speak.

  3. Thanks guys. Here's hoping for some honest people out there.
  4. I was told that no negative feedback can be left for a buyer because they don't want to discourage buyers, because that would lead to reduced numbers of buyers. Excuse me. I don't think so. But why, oh why can't you tell other sellers to be wary of unscrupulous buyers and there seems to be more and more of them.
  5. All you can do is respond to feedback received. You can put your side very simply. eBay encourages people to do this. Then other people can see both sides.

  6. I totaly agree. there are buyers that really take advantage of this. i had my first negative feedback EVER from a new buyer. They didn't like the item, but never bothered to contact me. I tried to contact them and they ignored me. I would have even let them return the item. How am I supposed to work something out if you ignore me? So I replied with positivve feedback (the only way you can) and stated they ruined my feedback and to beware.

    I also have had fake bags sent. How am I supposed to warn other people that they are selling fakes? I get the bag sent back and see it relisted. Of course I report it, but sometimes ebay doesn't always remove it.

    I think if we as buyers could leave negative feedback sellers would follow more rules and be more careful not to ruin my feeback..

    Just venting.
  7. I had a pair of Louboutin pumps I was selling..gorgeous, patent blk leather, beautiful. I couldn't wear them anymore because of a stress fracture I had in my foot from a hiking accident.

    I took down the 3rd listing as well. I had buyers with less than 10 feedback bidding, one person asked if I'd sell it to them for 150 (yeah right), and it was just a nightmare.

    I was harassed by two people sending me nasty and derogatory names simply because I don't ship to other countries. I blocked both, but one called me names after that because I blocked them...we're talking NASTY names...not just "jerk" or "unreasonable" if you know what I mean.

    Such a nightmare and yet they're still registered users on ebay and continuing their "terrorism".

    It just really made me lose faith in ebay. I mean, I'd rather list on craigslist and filter through the money order scams and ship to nigeria crap.

    I HATE not being able to leave negative feedback for buyers. Because some people are just bad buyers!

    One girl asked me, "you expect me to pay for this BEFORE you ship it? Sounds fishy". Seriously?! I mean, the internet's been around for a while...where is there a site where you buy something and you pay after they ship?! Absurd!