Does ebay send you an email when they pull your listing?

  1. I listed 2 pairs of boots and a Hayden Harnett bag yesterday- the bag disappeared from the face of eBay this morning and I never received any correspondence from eBay. Do they just pull and never tell you? Thanks for any info.
  2. They send you (and the winning bidder if applicable) an email when they pull a listing.
  3. They do send you an email stating why they pulled and the such.. maybe they're just going really slow today ?
  4. Pretty weird, but hey there has been alot going on with them lately all negative btw. They normally inform you and also tell you the reason why.
  5. Have you tried searching on your item number? I think they usually inform you, perhaps check your email....good luck
  6. Check your email inbox on Ebay... sometimes Ebay sends out emails that show up there but never make it to your normal email address. I find ones all the time that never made it to me.
  7. Once in a while I guess it happends. I listed my gucci diaper bag a while back and the same thing happend, it just dissapeared! (Good for me because when I research completed ones they were so many fakes that even the real ones went for very little)