Does ebay now charge a fee to revise your item?? Please help

  1. Hi everyone. A few hours ago I decided to make a listing to sell my pair of designer shoes. The insertion fee was free since you can list up to 50 auction styles a month for free. I paid only 10 cents to schedule the start time to be later on this evening. So far my listing fee was .10 cents.
    I realized I made a typo error because I used the eBay app on my iPhone. I went to revise and corrected the item. eBay then stated my fee was $1.10. A hour later I revised the title because I left out a word. It then said my fee was now $2.10???!! What's going on?? Does eBay now charge a fee to revise your items? The listing hasn't even started yet, so not fair!! Has anyone else been having these issues? Thanks
  2. No fee for revising you listing but you will be charged for pictures or if you list in multiple categories.
  3. No fee for extra photos now :smile: but I think you do pay fees for multiple categories or other extras.
  4. I don't know if this applies but I've found that when I list items some of the boxes I can check for 'extra' services are already checked and I have to uncheck them so I won't be charged. I have to edit my listings and uncheck boxes if I don't catch it the first time.
  5. Those sneaks! I have revised my items several times and never thought to check to see if they were trying to sneak things past me! Will they refund if you change it once they have "charged" or put it to bill you for things you uncheck?
  6. All I did was change the text and some words in my listing title. Each time they charged me a $1.00 more to revise. I did not check to see about those extra service boxes. I will now have to take a look. Thank you!!!
    In my opinion Bonanza is so much cheaper and better to use, the only downfall is there is not as many buyers that come through. I feel that with eBay my items sell faster. Maybe I should just stick with Bonanza and Have more patience.
  7. Your problem might be because you are revising on your phone. I had the same thing I revised it on my phone and they charged me because I okayed it but I realized they made a whole listing so basically my one item was listed twice it must be a glitch when you revise from the phone I have Iphone4 because I tried again with another item from my phone and saw they were going to charge me that much I cancelled the revise and just revised it on my laptop and they did not charge me
  8. Thank you!!! That makes sense. I will definitely not revise on my iphone anymore.
  9. For mobile setting, they may automatically relist a number of your ended items. I had these problems in April using android device. Although ebay will refuse me finally, but it takes almost two months.