Does Ebay ever remove retailitory feedback?

  1. :cursing: Out of over 700 transactions, I received my first negative. It was from a buyer who kept claiming that she was going to send out payment for a bag, and never did. I kept giving her more time to pay. Finally after 4 weeks, I left a simple "non-paying bidder" and relisted the bag. Now more than 6 weeks later, I received her feedback that simply states, "NO PATIENCE!". Oh, and did I mention she has similar fb for other auctions.

    I am so angry. I reported to eBay. What are the chances of having this removed?
  2. eBay will NOT remove it, but you can go in and write a response to the feedback in your self defense. That negative won't hurt you. Buyers will go in and look at HER history and see for themselves you didn't deserve it.
  3. I always thought that there was a relationship between being awarded a NPB strike and that person then leaving feedback? I can't remember the details, but know it has been discussed here before and am pretty sure the jist of it is that NPB cannot leave -ve feedback once they received a strike for non-payment. Maybe someone else will wade in with more info.
  4. I think the words stay but the negative count doesn't go against your rating percentage.
  5. thats why i don't wait for no's not paid after 7 days i report them...after that i get my fees back and i can leave them a neg and they cannot leave me a feedback
  6. If they get NPB via Ebay (you filed mutual agreement) Their feedback will not count toward your percentage - but will be visible. I am assuming you did not file Mutual Agreement with Ebay or her feedback would have no impact on your rating...
  7. I think that is only if they do not respond to the NPB dispute. If they respond, they are allowed to still leave feedback.
  8. I was justing wondering this myself because the Ebay help section just says you can still leave FB. It doesn't specify whether it affects your score.

    I'm in similar situation and I want to neg the buyer but don't want my FB hit if I can help it.
  9. I'm dealing with the exact situation now. I had 100% pos FB and a seller left me neg FB after I returned a fake LV to her and left her neg FB.

    Right now I'm going through Square Trade to try to get the FB removed. It costs $30 but I'm so anal retentive about that 100% pos FB score that it's worth it to me. I haven't heard anything yet but it will probably be another week (it takes about 2 weeks for them to review your case).

    Maybe try using Square Trade, it might work for you too.
  10. the words stay, but it doesn't affect your percentage.

    Btw, I never sell a bag on ebay without immediate payment. I only accept paypal. I'd love a Postal MO, but haven't had a buyer yet offer to send one. lol The fact is, for 1k or 2k bag any buyer interested should have a CC to do an immediate payment.
  11. wow, i didn't know that after a seller gets a NPB strike that they can no longer leave feedback. good to know! thanks!!!
  12. Yep, but it's only if you open the NPB alert and the buyer doesn't respond. If they respond at all, even if it's to tell you to jump off a bridge, then they can leave feedback. It can be tricky.
  13. I did report the seller for non-payment so she did receive a strike; they still let her post feedback. I tried to dispute it but Ebay said too bad.

    As much as I hate the negative, I refuse to be bullied by some lying, cheating buyer. I will just take the hit; hopefully it will help other sellers in terms of steering clear of this buyer.
  14. Is Square trade a division of ebay? If not how is itt hat you can pay them to remove a neg fd?

    edit: i found the answer- Square Trade is a privately held San Francisco company that specializes in online mediation, such as between eBay buyers and sellers. EBay's customer-service reps routinely refer site users caught in a dispute to SquareTrade; the fee for mediation is typically $15. The Seal program stipulates that members meet the criteria outlined by eBay and pledge to abide by the rules, such as how quickly they must respond to complaints.

    BUT- It's not fair people have to pretty sure they are linked and it's just another way for ebay to suck money from sellers/buyers:tdown: