Does ebay allow two account?

  1. I don't know if eBay allows two accounts? I want to separate my buying account for privacy purposes. Thanks guys.
  2. Yes. You'll need a different email address, though.
  3. Yes you can have two accounts.
    I have one for selling and one for buying.

    eBay suggested this to me when I complained about having to have my feedback public and all the details of my purchases available for anyone to see.
  4. well, i only have one but I know people that do use two.... usually a 'work' one and a 'personal' one. Im not sure about ebays take on it. Im not sure if people then have the other account in say their partners name....
  5. I have more than one, and they are in my own name (and my contact info on them is identical). Just different email addresses. eBay is fully aware of this, and actually encourages it in certain situations.
  6. Yeah it's allowed, just be sure you don't let the two "interact" (i.e. list with one then bid on the item with the other), that's what's discouraged and not allowed.
  7. ^^^ Um, discouraged is putting it mildly. Your accounts will get suspended permanently if you "let" that happen.
  8. Yes, I have a buying and a selling. I only post on the discussion boards with the buying.
  9. Thanks for the replies guys. I know for sure that bidding on your own listing is not allowed.
  10. I know that. I just said it this way because I know this isn't the OP's intention. If it was, I would have copied and pasted ebay's exact terms on shill bidding.
  11. You can have as many account as you want. Each account has to have a separate email address and the accounts can't interact with each other.
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  12. You're absolutely right.

    I remember reading on eBay that one could have 8 accounts a few years back. (Can't seem to find the info ATM)
  13. with different email ids you can create two ebay account.. :smile: I have 2 accounts already . :biggrin: