Does each Coach outlet determine sale?


Sep 29, 2006
I'm currently in the Las Vegas area for the holidays and there are 2 Coach outlets within an hour of each other. My mom and I went there a couple days ago and found an amazing deal on the calfskin leather pocket sachel. The outlet we went to (by the strip) had it at $199 with an additional 20% off. We grabbed the last one and we wanted one more for my sister. I called the other outlet and they told us that it was at $199 but without the additional 20%. I thought all the outlets carried the same sales. Am I wrong?
Exactly what happened to me. I went to the outlet (Premium Outlet) in Vegas and got my sig hobo for an additional 20% off of the outlet price. Went to the Primm Outlet on the way to California (state line) and they had the same purse for the same price but NO 20% off. SO glad I had bought mine at the other outlet. I thought it was strange too.
same thing happened to me.

but i had very casually mentioned it to the lady who was helping me, and they said they would go ahead and give me the 20% off (they called and verified that it was on sale at the other store). not sure if they do that often, but it's worth a shot.