Does Dior sell bag strap separately?

  1. I have a Dior pouch that I would love to purchase an additional strap to attach onto it so that I can also use it as a clutch or something. Any idea if that's available? Also, how much is it? Thanks in advance... :smile:
  2. I am not aware that Dior has straps for sale, like bag straps. Unless you are referring to phone straps where there is a loop thus act as a wristlet when attached to a pouch? If I remember correctly, I have seen Dior phone straps.
  3. You can order additional straps for diff sizes thri Dior..I am getting the messenger strap for my DIOR REBELLE cool..2 bags in one.
  4. Yea, I have never seen those straps in Dior boutique too. But I was wondering if we could perhaps special order it or something... :P :shame: I can't get much use out of the pouch, I'm sure I can use it more as a bag... I'll check out the phone strap. Thanks. :yes:
  5. You sure? :nuts: How much is the straps? Do you think they have for the Girly Pink range? I just need a shiny white strap... :love:
  6. I just went my local Dior boutique and asked them about the strap but they said since that they are going to discontinued the Girly Pink range, they do not have any spare parts of that range available. :crybaby: What am I gonna do? It's such a shame to see that pretty pouch sitting on my closet, not getting used... :sad: It's been there for more than a year and I only used it once as a clutch for a special occasion.

    Also, I've checked out on the mobile phone straps, nothing that can be used for my pouch... :Push:
  7. Jill, I have one on order for my Rebelle too, what a different look, I hope I get it, The SA wasn't sure about it , apparently they don't do much strap switching.
  8. If you were good to SA she can get you one.
  9. I don't have a special SA at Dior and I asked the manager of the department to send my Rebelle back for some minor repair - so I guess that means I won't get the extra strap - I would think spending $1500.00 on a bag would get you the extra strap you have to pay for anyway!!! - but I've been wrong before.
  10. I have the Dior Rebelle messenger bag and want the hobo strap. How do get this? I have asked Dior in NY and they say they don't sell separate straps.
    Also I want the wallet tpo match in Khaki. ny ideas where to get that from?
  11. Jill, Did you get the strap? Dior topld me they dpon't sell straps. I have the Khaki Messenger Rebelle bag. I love it!:yes: I want the strap from the larger hobo. Any ideas on how and where to piurchase?:confused1:
  12. ^ Mine is on order..should be here within this month! Call Dior handbags inside Saks in PA.....1-610-667-1550...ask for Dior manager..tell her Jill sent you...she will know me and then you can order it from her..She is great!I cant wait to get the extra messenger style best!
  13. I just received my pink Cannage Clutch from Bergdorf's. I love it! But the chain that came with it is really, really short and the description on the website said it was shoulder length. I'm not upset that it's too short, but do you think I can get a longer chain from Dior?