Does Dior have a warranty on handbags

  1. Just got my NLP a few months ago and today I noticed the little tab above the hardware is splitting. Does anyone know if there is a warranty and for how long? Will they repair it for a cost? TIA
  2. there is no warranty on any Dior bag, but if it's within the exchange/refund policy time, you can bring it back to have it exchanged. After this time, you can bring your bag back to the Dior boutique where you purchased it from and have them repair this for a fee. It also depends on individual boutique procedures and the reasons for the damage. If it's not a fault of the bag, you usually pay for the repairs, some boutiques will do this for free if it's of no fault to the customer as an indication of good customer service from Dior, but this is not always the case
  3. Thanks michi_chi, I managed to call the boutique earlier today and was told that there is a one year warranty and defects within that time period they will fix for free :biggrin: