Does sell authentic designer handbags ?

  1. I just bought ( bought have not yet received ) a Gucci bag that my wife selected from & I was wondering if others have had any bad or good buying experiences with them ? They are apparently located in L.A. & claim to have a money back guarantee although they do have a 10 % restocking fee. Does sell real or fake designer bags ? They are all over the internet & are also on eBay where they have all positive feedback except one buyer who maintained that a Gucci store ID'd the bag as fake. I am not overly concerned in as much as my purchase is protected by PayPal but I would like to know of others :confused1:dealings with ? ---I don't have the ability to post a picture of the bag here after I receive it, but I intend to contact Gucci to attempt to authenticate the bag via the serial number - Thanks
  2. Why have you posted the same question 4 times? Please be patient and wait for answers from other members. You will have to post pictures for other members to authenticate the bag. There's no other way for us to know.
  3. Sorry about the posts---As I said I feel as " out of water " as a husband does @ Victoria's Secret or a wife ( sometimes ) does @ Home Depot. Unfortunately; I am not capable of posting a picture of the Gucci Bag here, but when I receive the bag....I will give it to my wife who is pretty good @ spotting fakes & will try to confirm the serial number with Gucci. In the interum. I will continue to search for buyers who had bad or good buying experiences with ? ---Thanks--Don:confused1:
  4. The bag is # 124404 ( Large Piston - Black) Gucci Bag @ and I just wanted opinions as to whether the picture looks like a real Gucci bag ? Thanks
  5. Based on what I have seen and what I have research, I believe this site is selling fakes. It has all the earmarks of a fake site. No physical address listed. 10% restocking fee. Their website name is registered through Domains by Proxy, which enables the owners to hide their identities. If you want, you can get further conformation by posting pics of the bag that you take yourself. However, you're probably better off just trying to get your money back.
  6. Thanks for the advise ----- Apparently the bag was shipped to me today, so I guess I will have to ask my wife's opinion as to whether the bag is a fake ? Do you know if there is any way I can contact Gucci & attempt to authenticate the bag ( possibly through the serial number ) ?? ---I did use PayPal & they informed me that if I determine that the Bag is a fake..I can file a complaint with PayPal who will investigate the purchase. PayPal added that even though I did not buy the bag on eBay....PayPal would refund my $ 300. purchase price to me if they determine the bag was falsely misrepresented as a real Gucci bag.----Lastly; I saw a post on the Purse Forum before which indicated that there is a list of websites that sell fake bags ? - Do you know anything about this list or where I can find & consult it ?