does damier speedy sag much?

  1. i am planning to buy a damier speedy either 25 or 30...
    i have seen my friend wearing the mono speedy, and it sags quite a bit when you put stuff in it...
    i am just wondereing does damier speedy sag as much as the mono speedy?
    anyone got picture of the damier speedy with a reasonable things in it that can show me? like wallet, ipod, agenda, etc...
  2. Hi
    It seems to sag more, The SA even suggested I put cardboard in the bottom, if I didn't like a saggy look. But you know, I have an older mono Speedy and one that is six months old. The canvas seems thinner in the new one.
  3. Yeah..I got the 30 yesterday (I wanted the 25 but my mom talked me into the 30 because it wasn't much more expensive), but I don't notice much sag because I keep my PTI wallet and makeup bag at the bottom of my purse and it seems to keep it from sagging.
  4. It does sag a little (30 is the size of the bag in the pic):
  5. IMO, Damier canvas are more softer than Monogram Canvas.

  6. Thanks for the responses... nice picture LV_addict...

    I saw in the other threads, people put cardboard or purseket to prevent the sagging... good idea...
  7. My Damier Speedy 25 sags abit, but it doesn't bother me.
  8. The PurseBrite from BedBathandBeyond is the perfect size for a Speedy 25 to keep it from sagging! :yes:
  9. the 25 doesn't sag as much as the 30, but i put plexiglass and my purseket in :yes:.
  10. do u think u can post a picture of the plexiglass? and the interior of your speedy? i am very curious to see it... thanks :smile:
  11. my boyfriend is reformatting my computer right now, so as soon as it's back up i'll be able to upload photos. i'll try to do it tomorrow :yes:.
  12. I have cardboard on the bottom and it keeps from sagging. Also I have a purseket in there which gives it even more support but I just took it out to try and see if I can get more space to put in more stuff.
  13. The sagging bugs me so I use a book as the base (at the moment I'm using Something Borrowed, thanks Josephine!!!!) and if I ever get bored, I can pull it out and read it :yahoo:

    If no one provides a pic by tuesday, I'll be more than happy to take one for you
  14. I was really intereseted in the damier speedy but it sagging thing bothered me.
  15. If you put something on the bottom it really does eliminate a lot of sag. I don't like sag either and a book or cardboard fixes that problem