Does Damier Azur coordinate with Black Epi?

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  1. I want both of these... do they match? Keep in mind that the interior of the bag is a medium gray alcantara...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Kind of a bummer that the hardware doesn't match...

    So, other than an Azur bag, what LV actually matches with an Azur wallet??
  2. Jane, I would like to see your Damier Azur wallet with an Epi bag in the Myrtille Blue.:yes:
  3. I like to mismatch my LVs but that's just my thing. I think the damier azur looks cute with the black epi alma.
  4. Hmmm I don't think it matches...but they're cute together.
  5. I don't like it with a black epi... JMO:shrugs:
  6. I really try not to worry too much about matching, usually. After all, no one will even see it except me! It's not the same as matching belt and shoes.

    I just don't want an Azur bag, and it's annoying that the accessories don't really "go" with anything else. Except maybe a vanilla piece?
  7. I think they go fine together. The azur adds some color to the black epi
  8. mc looks better with black epi...
  9. My personal goal is actually like have a lil somein' somein' from every line, so I guess once that happens (like never but hey, a boy can dream) I'll be one big mis-matched lv parade! But as far as the black epi and azur, they don't "match" but their both cute and I'd personally love to see someone pull that wallet out of that bag IRL!
  10. i don't think they match... but you should get them if you really love both pieces. i don't really match my bags and accesorries... i often carry my mono cles with one of my gucci bags.
  11. That's what I intend to do. I think it goes with blue Epi and white Suhali very well. In my opinion, the Azur is a clever design. If you put it against a blue Epi, it'll look more blue. If black, the blue will look more black than blue. But with a white Suhali, it's simply stunning! Believe me! I've tried all these combos cos I wanted my bag to match my Azur agenda! :yes:
  12. And oh! If you are worried about the hardware, go for Suhali instead of Epi cos they on in gold (brass???). Well, it's the same as the Azur hardware. If you have the money, go for white Suhali. Second choice would be blue Epi. Third is black Epi. Well, that's what I'll do anyway...
  13. personally i don't think they match but oh well...go with it cuz they both are darn cute :smile: