Does coach wristlet comes dustbag and what type of gift box?

  1. Hi, I'm such a newbie in coach so I'll ask for advice from all.

    Does Coach wristlet comes with dust bag?

    And for the gift box, is it the white box with red coach wordings or the brown box with white border? Thanks!:heart:
  2. the wristlets typically don't come with a dustbag, with the exception of some of the holiday pieces (typically lurex), and they have a white dustbag with a purple patch on it.

    as for the boxes, the white boxes with the red trim are outlet boxes. the brown ones are from the full price boutiques.
  3. Oh thank you so much. I'm having so many questions over Coach.. newbie to coach. ;) Thanks heap!
  4. My BF got me a wristlet as a gift a couple of weeks ago and it came in a tattersall print box.
  5. wristlets will often come in a dustbag when purchased at the outlets. They have small white dustbags with red print on them. And the white/red box is definitely an outlet box.
  6. I'm getting my first wristlet through the mail this week, ordered from another outlet. I'll bet it comes with a white little dustbag, no box. Let's see if I'm right, I'll post again.