Does Coach sell straps like LV?

  1. Hi.. am wondering if Coach sell straps (long/short) only?

    I have the small black leather duffle shoulder bag. I like the size cos its roomy to fit travel size kits and important items. My only wish is it has a longer strap so I can sling it across body. :sad: I know they have 2 other bigger sizes with longer straps but I'm not loving the big size.

    So, I'm wondering if Coach sell the straps. My bag is black leather with silver hardware. If Coach doesn't sell the straps, am hoping of TPF members' suggestions on how to make my straps longer without ending up with a weird looking bag. :rolleyes:

    Thanks much!!!
  2. I've ordered a strap at a Coach store and had it shipped to my house. I've never been able to find straps on the Coach website, though.
  3. Ooooo...this is interesting. Thanks handbag helen. One question, they're not 'original' or made by Coach right. Just tt they're meant to be used on coach bags....
  4. Thanks, handbag helen!! I'll check out silver-Coach.
  5. At first glance I thought they were, I had perused their store before looking for a strap for a book tote whose handles were too short. But no it looks like they are just straps that will fit on a Coach. I guess the best bet would be to call Coach and see what they have available.
  6. Yep...tot so too. No harm I guess...looks like a more cheaper and sure-fire way to get extra straps or longer/shorter ones. Thanks!!!
  7. Hmmm, I wonder how one of the tan leather briefcase shoulder straps that Silver-Coach has would look on a Legacy shoulder bag in whiskey...I'd love to carry it cross-body occasionally and it has brass rings on either end. But the shoulder strap that's on it isn't detachable so I don't know if that would work very well. Hmmm, gonna have to think about this...

  8. I've wondered about this too - The new legacy tote has a detachable shoulder strap that clips to similar D-rings as are on the shoulder bag!
  9. Yup, they sure do! I was able to call them a few weeks ago to order a 36" legacy strap from long ago to fit my vintage Legacy Bucket bag. I wanted to shorten the strap so that the bag wasn't down to my waist, like it was the style back then...but I didn't want to cut into the original that came with the bag. So I ordered one, and brought it to a shoe peddler to have it shortened. Worked like a charm!! :yes:
  10. Coach charges an arm and a leg for thier straps. If that is what you need it for, I recommend silver-coach (eckerts). They are the best to deal with and their straps are great.
  11. Agree ^^^^. I have a strap which I bought from silver-coach and it's very nice!