Does COACH not even claim their "Made for Factory" bags...


Oct 25, 2008
Okay, I stand corrected. If the turnlock with the oval is up & down, then there is no Coach stamp on the turnlock plate. On the original Coach Leigh or Ali, there is no stamp on the turnlock plate. I'll upload that scary 'Hole Leigh' bag to show you. So, no worries.

BTW, that's a lovely factory shoulder bag and matching wallet. They both match each other so well. Anybody who knows Coach will recognize that's a real Coach bag.
Thank you ma'am and in all honesty I have not intention of ever selling her so it won't matter what the 'bay guides say!!;)


Nov 21, 2006
hmmm....interesting thing to point out!
i just took a look at my teal francine which is a legacy piece and NO WHERE on it does it say Coach, except the hangtag and its not even a factory bag! it does have ykk zippers though.
on the other hand, my platinum metallic lily which is also a legacy piece, has the coach stamp on the front at the bottom, on some of the hardware as well. +the hangtag of course.

weird. wonder what makes them decide whether or not to put the coach logo on the hardware and if not then why?
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Aug 22, 2007
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Sorry tp bump this, but I noticed the Bleecker duffle I bought does not have a YKK zipper on the top zipper, but the inside does. It's not a Factory bag. It just made me think of this thread.


Nov 1, 2008
just an fyi, i have normal cloths with zippers that have "YKK" on the zipper so i think its a manufacturer stamp for zipper, i.e. a factory in china that makes zipper...


May 20, 2008
Eastern Iowa
Zaranaz is right. YKK is the brand of zipper Coach uses. Most people *think* that Coach stopped putting YKK zippers on the outside of the newer bags because, the YKK emblem can no longer be seen on the bridge part of the zipper but, is still visible on the inside pocket zippers.
This is because, YKK started putting the YKK logo on a different area of the zipper. I posted about this awhile back and took pictures of my carly's zipper to show you where you can find the YKK on most newer Coach bags..
Here is a link if anyone is interested...