Does coach make this?

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  1. I saw a carly today at work.. someone in another department was carrying a carly. I had a double take cause at first I was in awe that I saw a carly, then I looked closely and the handle and the strapy part was white and then the print was lke an off denim blue / with navy C's
    um.. on the website it was not on there. I think it is fake. The hardware on it almost looked real though. Does Coach make that style carly?
  2. As far as I know, no such Carly exists!
  3. It wasn't the Resort Carly was it?
  4. Or the Resort Tote?
  5. I didn't know there was a 'resort' Carly-- I've seen similar fake Carly's to what you're describing here though.
  6. . . . interesting. maybe find pics on ebay or something?
  7. I haven't seen the resort Carly. I have the Denim Large Carly ( :heart: it ) but that sounds nothing like what you described.

    By the way I've seen plenty of fake Carly's on craigslist.
  8. The Resort Carly did not have the C's but had lozenges on it. It had a wierd brownish background color with I think red & white lozenges.
  9. here's the resort carly

    it wasn't like this was it?
  10. OK, this is a bit OT but I just have ask-did ANYONE actually buy THAT Carly? Sorry, had to ask.
  11. haha! call me crazy, but I sort of like it! It's different. I saw a ponytail scarf in that print and it was pretty cute
  12. Okay it was the color of that duffle but it carly type cause it had that white chain around the corners of the bag and it didnt have the complete white leather part at the top like the duffle. It was a fake I knew it cause This girl has another one where the color is kinda off but resembles the saddle you have to LOVE coach to have 2 of the same purse. Hmm This girl does not likle me AT ALL! I always talk about coach and she gives me dirty looks alot so its all coming together now. She wishes she had the real deal hehehe.
  13. Lozenge Carly - I didn't like it but ebay buyers did! They went to the outlets in Jan or Feb.
  14. I would have to see one of those Lozenge purses in person to judge. The pictures I don't like though.

  15. Hi Crazy! ;) I think that print would look great on the same kinds of bags that are currently done in the batik. I don't think it suits a Carly. It's too limiting and casual for a $400 handbag, but that's JMHO.
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