does coach make limited lines for macy's?

  1. i was at macy's like a week ago and saw gold hamptons weekend bags in the large tote,small tote, and demi styles. i would of took a pic, but the SA's are all over the place in Macy's.

    They were gold with orange/white straps and the tag was white with orange polka dots. i have never seen these in the coach store nor heard about them coming out in future months. is it an exclusive line for macy's or something? this is not the 1st time i've seen something at macys, but not at the coach store.
  2. I am not sure about those bags,but I am aware that COACH makes certian purses for their departments stores(Macy*s,Lord & Taylor,Bloomies,ect)which corp stores don't sell.Example I saw a optic swingpack in Macy*s,and attempted to purchase it in a corp store,they told me that they do not sell it,its a dept store special. Also department stores recieve bags faster than corp stores, before the ERGO totes were out in corp stores,they were out in macy*s a month
  3. I have purchased Nordstrom-only Coach bags before. It was a very cool soho small flap mini signature with chocolate leather and brown suede corners. Never saw it that way in Coach stores or online.
  4. you're right! i ve only seen it at macys as well.. weird..
  5. I think my Legacy Mini-Skinny was a dept store issue as well.

    However, my most recent Swing Pack which is also at Macy's and Nordstroms only, I was using at my Coach store and my SA loved it so much she took down the style #. She told me the next week that she was able to order it for herself.
  6. Yes, Coach does. My friend asked Macy's when she was shopping there why she didn't see a particular bag at Coach. Oh, and I think Coach Japan also has designs/styles that the Coach here doesn't carry. I really want to show you pics (but I haven't been able to put them up). I buy Japanese fashion magazines on a regular basis and this recent mag has something on Coach......Ergos in more colors and in mini signature. If anybody sees this here, please let me know!
  7. Yes! They don't make whole lines of bags, but they often will get one or two colors/sizes from a line that the full price stores do not get. IE. Small patchwork hobo, the white/gold hamptons stripe bag and the one you mentioned.

    Most of the time, Coach stores can order the things that they have. However there are times we can't!

    They also get special shoes! If your shoe style number starts with an A- it's dept. store only! If it's a Q, it's sold in full price as well.
  8. i don't think so....but maybe they do i just havent noticed...
  9. thanks for all the info. i figured they did sepcial lines, but wasn't sure.
  10. By the way my Dillards still has whisky shoulder bags! I makes me want to buy one just to sell it on eBay!!!
  11. Good point on the shoes sprinkles! I LOVE walking through the shoe department at a larger macys as they have the best selection of shoes!!! Either the same style at the coach store but in different colors...or totally different styles..and all adorable!

    Bag wise - the only time I don't buy at the coach store is when its a special department store bag I want!! Like the emerald green suede bags from like 2 years ago that were only available at dept stores!