Does Coach Make Bags With Divided Sections?

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  1. I was thinking about this since all of my bags are open with a few small sections on the side for cell phone etc. If they do, can someone post a picture or give the name of one. If not, does anyone know why?
  2. My legacy shoulder bag has a inside zippered pocket and two cloth pockets in the front that could be used for cell phone, etc. I put my phone & things like receipts or gum in there....

    Also, for bags that have "dividers", I have a camel flap bag, that has the bag divided into 2 sections, and it also has the cell phone pockets in the front... Will take pics ASAP...
  3. i'll be waiting...thanks
  4. Some of the older bags have dividers. Can't think of a newer one with one.
  5. Alright Betty Boop... here are some pics of the one I have. Hope this helps!

    It is a Camel Soho Flap Hobo, style #9243, purchased at the outlet about 3-4 years ago... I think this is along the lines of your question, so there must be other styles out there as well.

    There is a pocket on the back of the bag that has a snap closure, and inside two seperate pockets, the front pocket has the creed, zippered inside pocket, and two cell phone holder areas... It is a medium sized bag.

    Coach1.jpg Coach2.jpg Coach3.jpg Coach4.jpg
  6. The Soho flap duffle and the Soho flap purse have 2 large interior compartments plus the small linings for cell phone/misc and I believe a zip comparment. You can see the styles in my collection and if you want pics of the interior let me know. They are very roomy - especially the duffle.

    Just saw Bags4Bubbles pictures and that's the bag I have. The duffle is just a larger (taller) version of this.
  7. ^ Good lord almighty sister!!! You have got some bags there!! I just checked out your collection - very nice BTW, and you do the same thing as me... buy a rainbow of colors when you like something... :yes:

    Very nice, very nice!!
  8. ^^Thanks - you're very sweet! I love color and when you find a style you like, the more the merrier.
  9. Graberg:

    You have an awesome collection full of color. I am starting to add color to my collection little by little. I was mostly a brown girl. I did purchase the Ergo Hobo in Turquoise and am buying the Patent leather one in red now. Thanks for sharing your collection as you have given me ideas on what I need in mine.

    kind regards,
  10. Liz, thank you kindly and I'm sure you'll have fun adding color to your collection. The red patent sounds like it will be a winner - will love to see it.
  11. have you looked into buying a purseket?
  12. This is exactly what i'm talking about! I like it alot. thanks for posting the pictures. my sig. soho isn't made like that, it's just open. I must find one like that! What about the satchel bags?
  13. I have this bag as well and it is still available at outlets, saw them this weekend. Just a note that the back section really isn't all that big. It's find for small things but I don't think a wallet would fit back there.

    I have been looking for a bag with compartments for my mom since that is what she likes. I mentioned this to an SA in Macys and she said Coach doesn't make bags like that. They are generally just an open space.

  14. :confused1: kallison, help me here! What is a purseket? and where would I find one?

    Jewelebeanie...that's the word I was looking for "Compartments"..thanks

    Julie..i'm at work and I can't see your bag--i'll take a look when I get home
  15. a purseket is this little thing that has a bunch of pockets that you put into your bag.