Does Coach look better in Real life?

  1. I couldn't think of the right title for this thread. Does anyone else have the experience of seeing a Coach item in the store, catalog or online and not really caring for it, only to see the same item carried by a person (in real life) and think it's fabulous? This happens to me all the time. I've seen the signature stripe on this board, in the store, online, and I wasn't wowed by it. But on Friday I saw someone getting on the bus with it and I did a double take. I thought, "Boy, that looks great!" It was a small tote in the khaki/gold I think.

    Am I the only one?
  2. Yes. There are some bags that look alot better IRL. That's why I don't buy before I see.
  3. yes. there are LOTS of bags you just gotta see irl- you need to try them on and fondle the leather (not that i've done that...). i think almost everyone on here feels a littled WOWed by the punch irl (and definately the gold-it's gorgeous!)

    and, on the reverse side, some bags you LOVE online don't hold up to expectations in the store (like a few people are feeling with the new lilac hobo).
  4. Yup, very true. Unfortunately, there are also bags that look great online and were a little disappointing in person...
  5. (ugh it's the saddest thing. i was wow'ed by your pictures kallison, but when i saw the punch mini skinny in real life, I was actually a little let down.)
  6. yes, happens to me all the time.
  7. There's something to seeing it put into use, and worn by a person. Bags look different when they're sitting on a shelf and not used.
  8. Yup, bags don't look the same online. I also need to see the bag in real life first. The carly let me down IRL. :[
  9. Definitely! When I first saw the whiskey, I was kind of "eh" about it. Then I saw someone with a whiskey ali and I loved the color - it looked so much better being "used" than just sitting there . . .

    Of course, this is coming from the woman who falls in love with every bag that has to be ordered b/c it's only being sold in 3 stores . . .
  10. I definitely have to see a bag IRL before I know for sure if I want it. I was in lust with the camel color in the soho bags online, but when I saw them in store it went down to "strong like." And I liked the Carly online and when I saw it in Macy's, but I saw a lady one day with one and oh man...:drool:
  11. Absolutely...Coach most always looks better IRL than online.
  12. yep. its best to go check out the store...the sig stripe let me down irl, but when i saw it in punch i def am reconsidering.
  13. I like to look at them at the store first just to make sure I love it. Sometimes I can look on eBay to see actual pics of the bag other than Coach's stock photo.
  14. and it feels even better!!!!!!!
  15. All purses need to be loved, touched and need adventures every few times a year. Even ugly purses look better when they are cared for.