Does Coach FP store stop accepting returns from outlets?

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  1. MOD if this has been posted please help me merge or close it. I searched but didn't find any thread talking about this...

    I just went to my regular FP store to return poppy glam tote I picked up yesterday from outlet. The patent leather was already peeling even it was brand new. I considered it as defect. I was trying to tell SA the leather is peeling and it should be considered as a defect. The SA did not even take a look of the bag and pointed out they do not carry this glam tote. After I told her it's from outlet, she said " oh this is from outlet, you cannot return it here in full price store. We don't accept any item from outlet......"
    Anyway long story short after I was finally getting store credits but the SA said " This will be the last time I give you store credit. Next time you can't do this anymore. I am just doing this to make you happy."

    My goodness is it true? FP store does not accept returns from outlet anymore? Since when?
  2. They do! On the back of your receipt, it should have the return policy. FP store WILL take it back, for store credit only. I don't know why she had to be so rude to you. :sad:
  3. Totally untrue, you should call to speak to the Store Manager. FP should take the Outlet return and issue you a store credit no matter how you paid originally. Look at the back of your receipt for these details.

    Sorry this SA was so rude & deceptive, report her to the Store Manager.
  4. ^^ I totally agree!!!!
  5. What a lie. I had a bag last summer that I got at the outlet and returned it for a credit to get a full price bag in the full price store. Geez even some sales assistants don't even know their store policy.
  6. I was told the same thing at the FP store near me. No returns from the outlet. It was said nicely though, not rudely.

    I thought it was so & didn't question it.
  7. It is amazing how many coach SA's don't know their own policies..............
  8. well did you have the receipt? if so then i dont see why they would say that. though i have always had s.a. have a tude when i did an outlet return at a boutique like it was a crime
  9. I had a couple things to return and called JAX Coach to make sure of the return policy. The lady on the phone was very nice and told me I could return to any FP Coach with no problems
  10. i believe that with an original receipt you are allowed to exchange or receive merchandise credit. If you want a refund, you have to go back to an outlet.
  11. exactly correct! i hate outlets that say "return at FP" because then i'd have to spend ten minutes explaining to a very irritate customer why i can't give them a refund in cash or credit, whichever the two method they had paid with.

    then they look at the policy trying to argue with me :rolleyes: when it clearly states what blondie0 says

    i've had to call the outlet that "told" the customer this more then once, because the customer was that insistent
  12. Thanks for the feedback everyone, I am glad I was not the one being crazy.
    I had the original receipt, in the end the SA still gave me store credit even she kept saying "this is the last time".
    I just want to confirm with you girls/guys if this is happening to the FP stores near you, since this SA claimed it's "new" policy starting this year....:confused1:
  13. My FP boutique is very good about returning outlet mdse (for a credit memo) or exchanging it for boutique items. No condescending attitude or nastiness. Its printed right on their own receipt!
  14. It's on the back of the receipt.
    I'd point it out to any SA who decided the policy was otherwise.