Does Coach ever do this?

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  1. Ok, so we know I have been unhappy with my purse going to outlet but the biggest reason is I bought it as the floor sample. I didn't think anything of it but when I looked it over at home the end of the zipper part looks like it has been opened and closed 100 times. It is a bit frayed and I looked at purses at Macy's to see if they all look like this and they don't. So my question is if I take it back to the FP store but still want it (it is unused with tags) will they find me one that is straight from Coach and untouched or what is the option. I wasn't happy buying the floor model but I really wanted it. Would they add on an extra discount to the PCE I used to buy it so I don't return it all together. I'm sure this one would be sent off to the outlet since it doesn't look pristine.
  2. Coach will find you another one as long as it's available. They cannot guarantee that it wont be from the floor because they cannot specify it through the order system.
  3. If it is still NWT's then take it back and they will find one for you. They may even have more in stock now. I do not think they will give you an extra discount. At least I have never heard of them doing so at the boutique.