Does Coach bangles and bracelets ever tarnish?

  1. I am intersted in this pink 3/4 fragrance bangle but I am not so sure because it is palladium brass plated. Will it tarnish? How long does it last? 5 years? How long does usually Coach bangles or jewlery last?
  2. I asked the same question in a thread where someone posted their new raisin lozenge bangle! Haha. I'm wonder the same thing myself... I want to know if it'll tarnish or turn color with extended, almost every day wear.
  3. I'm wondering this as well. I would love to have some of their jewelry!
  4. as i said in my thread, i haven't had any of my bracelets tarnish...

    i've had my silver/silver for almost 7 months with no problems. it's gotten wet and had no discoloration. i don't wear my silver/silver the most 4 or 5 days. but after this long, the most it's gotten are a few bangs from hitting on things.

    as far as the silver/raisin goes, i've only had it for a couple months so i can't speak on that one...
  5. well ladies i have three bangles and the boyfriend ring in silver. If you keep it the bag after you wear it and avoid water and lotion then it should last a long time treat it like a baby a coach baby good luck!