Does classical style changes each year?


Mar 15, 2010
So I know the prices goes up every year for Chanel flaps...but does the classical style flaps has changes (interms if length, material, design...)? I want to buy a Jumbo flap. I found it in Chanel Boutique for 3700 and other one 3500 in Neiman Marcus(from Last season). Do you think they are the same bag though? Thanks:smile:


Mar 17, 2008
The jumbos priced at $3500 are single flap (now discontinued) & the ones at $3700 are double flap. It's the same bag, just the added interior flap. Generally, classic styles don't change all that much, just a few things here & there. For example, the m/l flaps are essentially the same, but the jumbos have changed a bit over time. There are several threads on here about the changes. Do a search & check out the reference library if you're interested to see the differences.

ETA: Here's a recent thread that discusses this topic.
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