Does Christian Louboutin's run small????

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  1. I wear a size nine and would like to order a pair, but need some size suggestions. Do I go up a half or whole size????
  2. I'm not sure about current sizing, but as recently as two years ago, they ran really small. I'm normally a 38 in most Italian made shoes, but I had a pair of 39 1/2 in Louboutins that fit!!! I've also got a couple of 38's that fit just fine. I think it depends on the particular style of the shoe. I know with most round toe shoes, I can go pretty true to size, sometimes a 1/2 size smaller.

    This is a major pet peeve of mine, actually! WHY can't shoemakers get a consistent sizing method. Harumph!:hysteric:
  3. christian louboutin shoes depend on the style. for some, you have to go up in 1/2 a size or even a full size (as i do in the helmuts).
    if you know of a style you want, i'd probably ask people about their experiences with that particular style.
  4. CL's sizing is tricky. It really depends on the style. Sometimes they run small and sometimes they run big.
  5. which shoe style is it, that you are thinking of buying? :smile:
  6. I love the yoyo zappa and the close in pumps, I forgot the name but the toe is triangular with the 4 inch heel.
  7. I would try before you buy for sure. I have a pair of Helmuts that are a 38 and a pair of leopard Helmoons -- basically the same exact shoe -- in a 37.5 that I couldn't possibly take any larger. So even in a given style it varies.
  8. try them on first or call a few cl stores and ask SA's for there opinon and then just get the size that the majority suggest.
  9. sa's tell me they run true to size, everyone said keep the nine, only one sa at Saks told me they run small, as of now i won't be able to try them on, Saks is being renovated untill november.
  10. i'm wondering the same thing. i've just ordered my very first pair of christian louboutin pumps from nap and am wondering about the sizing now. i've ordered the Mata suede pumps in size 37.5. i normally wear size 37 (except for jimmy choo sandals when i wear 37.5) and am really wondering if they're going to be too big or too small.
  11. I agree that it depends on the style. For example, I am wearing 36 for Trash and 37 for Zappa. I have learnt that for espadrilles, the sizes can run true to size but for others, they tend to be small.
  12. stick to tts if that's what majority of sa's are saying. All i know is the the miss ticks run tts. The dumb sa i bought them from told me to size up, now i have to put massive dr.scholls insles in them (cuz it's to hard for me to return i live in canada)
  13. I'm guessing the second style you mentioned are the Decolletes. My experience with them is that they run true to size. I am a 36 in most shoes and those fit me fine in 36 too. As for the Yoyo's...I would go half a size up if your feet are normal width. If you have wider feet go a whole size up since they are rather narrow.

    hope that helps!!
  14. Hello, does anyone know if the Supra Fifre Boots in suede run small or true to size?, I'm concerned because I am a size 9.5 and just bought a size 40, I have been looking for them all over and that's all I was able to find, not a 41. Your feedback will be appreciated.
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