Does Chloe still make the Mini Paddy?

  1. My local Chloe vendor doesn't carry them-- and I haven't seen them on Saks/Neimans/Bergdorf online. I am eyeing a few on Sabine's & Bluefly.

    Also, does anyone know what the mini's original retail price was? I think Bluefly says $1430.:heart::heart::heart:
  2. i've seen them in the new fall colors at NM San Francisco!

    not sure what the retail price is now, i think it used to be 1350
  3. Thanks-- maybe I'll find one on my Houston trip.:smile:
  4. Jenny,

    I just bought a mini paddy in a new Fall/Winter color- the retail price listed on mine was Euro 915, which is approximately $1350 USD.
  5. Is that your Nuage in the authenticate thread? I love it!
  6. Thanks Jenny - yes it is, just got it in the mail yesterday! I am going to take some better pics of it this morning and post a new thread, probably in the regular Chloe forum. :yes:
  7. Just posted pics in this forum, including ones of me holding the mini. For reference, I am very small framed and petite (5'1" and 100 pounds). Hope this helps!