Does Chloe still make Silverado bags?

  1. I haven't seen any in stores, do you know if they are making any this season?
  2. Nope, discontinued models. Highend outlets maybe? eBay for sure? Perhaps
  3. Haven't seen any new ones...I love the original ones though, and still get LOTS of compliments on them. I have the big doctor bag silverado in black, red, brown and tan. I LOVE the leather and stitching...:tup:
  4. I didn't realize they discontinued the silverado altogether. The snakeskin ones were gorgeous.
  5. Damn! I saw a tan python one in the Selfridges sale last year and it was marked down to about £300 (approx $600) because of some slight damage. If I'd known they were discontinued I would have bought it! I think it would now be a piece of history!
  6. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong? CHB? Chloebabe?

    Aren't Betty's and Edith's discontinued as well? There's new names to deal with like Heloise, Ava, Elvira (Lescoy the last purse is calling your name!)!
  7. I love my Silverado! Yes, it has been disco'd. eBay, overstock and BlueFly probably your best bet.
  8. I just love my Silverado and still use it almost daily [​IMG]
  9. I love mine, too! It's so unique and i get a lot of compliments. I just love the bordeaux leather/brown suede with whipstitch detail on mine.
  10. Love my Silverado also. Just took it on a trip out west and got so many compliments-- it is definitely a bag that I will keep in my 'bag inventory'. Western chic with flair.
  11. Yes - my silver python is spectacular and I am so glad I bought her!