Does Chloe spoil you for other bags?

  1. I mean, do other high-end bags seem cheap & flimsy compared to your Chloes? I just bought an up & coming designer's "it" bag online and while I love the design the hardware & leather just seemed... meh. When you get used to that thick Chloe leather and solid hardware, is there no going back?:confused1:
  2. What bag did you get???? would love to know!!!

    Its sooo true what you said...I like some of the designs out there but when I look at the leather I feel blah compared to how I feel when I see my Chloes...
  3. Oh, it's a Rebecca Minkoff Nikki. I love the look and it is nice quality, but next to a Chloe it feels like it came from Wal-Mart. Not really, but just when I opened the box & checked it out I was a little let down. I think my Chloes are to blame!
  4. yes I totally agree...the poor need to give her a fighting chance!
  5. I'm going to keep the Nikki-- I really do like it and I got it 20% off. I was going to buy RM's Morning After bag, but I might start saving for another Chloe instead! I've got 2 Paddys (second-hand) 1 mini, & an Edith shopper-- but I want more--sigh.
  6. I would say they definitely spoil you for other bags. In this past year I have bought a good few Chloe bags, and I have looked at other bags in the same price range- but I've felt they just didn't compare. The only non Chloe bag I bought was a Zagliani python bag, because I totally fell in love with it. But other than that it has only been Chloe! My current wishlist includes- Heloise, unquilted bay, betty- again, all Chloe. Other designers just don't do it for me.
  7. Agree, there is just something about the Chloe bags that keep me coming back. I do have other designers, and I respect their quality, but I certainly feel my best with a Chloe in hand.
  8. Actually I like some other designers (like Balenciaga and Bottega) because the leather is superb quality and MUCH lighter than Chloe's thick, thick leather.
  9. I still love my Valentinos, they have an elegant lady like feel to them, like I'm Audry Hepburn but they are used for a different look. Possessing two of these bags is really enough. But having almost 7 Chloes, the Valentinos can not compete! Nor any other bag..............
  10. In a word.....YES!:tup:
  11. So well said! Confession of a true Chloe addict!:tup:
  12. I love Chloe and will keep buying Chloe because of its luscious leather and statement, Chloe just speaks to me. That being said, there are times I like wearing a bag that is not so heavy, but still very good quality.

    I like Gryson and RM (I have a MAB + Nikki). I am also looking at Belen Echandia. I went to go see BE in person and it is substantial, but light and the craftsmanship is definitely on par with big name designers.
  13. Well. I used to be a Marc Jacobs fanatic, then MJ got supplanted by Mulberry for a while and THEN I discovered Chloe:love: and haven't looked back since ! I've sold off all my MJ bags bar one ( and that's only because it's not in a sell-able condition) and only have two Mulberry bags left in the closet ( at one time there were ten). I have seven Chloe bags and can't ever imagine parting with any of them:nogood:.

    I get more pleasure out of my Chloes than any of the other bags I ever owned and now when I go into a department store I make straight for the Chloe display and am just not inspired by or interested in looking at any of the other brands. I think this love:heart: is for keeps, so in answer to your question...I would say YES:yes:, Chloe definitely spolis you for other bags.
  14. I have to say I am on board totally with everybody else. From time to time I try to like other bags. I have a cheetah print pony skin Prada that I adore. And Chloe doesn't DO animal print - I wish they did. I have a couple of classic Gucci's. And I know I wouldn't kick a Chanel or Hermes out of bed. BUT - I just identify with the style/image that Chloe projects. Is it the leather? I don't even care about that!
  15. I am newbie here and I only own two chloes (mini paddy and medium betty)...

    Till mid october I was pretty content with a Loewe City and a Fendi Spy Hobo.. but i have hardly used them since i got the paddington and the betty... I love the leather, the design, the extra details (such as tassels, zips, padlock...)...

    The Chloes make me feel different when I am wearing them... I know they round up my outfits... and none of my bags have ever got as many compliments as the paddy and the betty in just over 6 weeks...

    Before I got my first Chloe I ordered a Lamarthe, but had to return it when it arrived... it couldn't compare with the paddington, so I decided to save some more money and get something spectacular - a betty :heart:

    I wouldnt mind trying a Balenciaga or a Chanel, but the Chloe old style (don¡t like the new ones) has won me over...