Does Chloe have authenticity card?

  1. I just received the paddy cross-body from NM toady, and I really like the style. But I found it was not in brand new condition: the hardwares were not wrapped, and it has no tag and authenticity card!!!

    This is the first time I buy a chloe bag, I've no idea if it should have a authenticity card or not. I just contacted NM and I was told to return the bag if I'm not happy without the tag!! And they are not able to exchange for a new one since this is the last one they have. So bad I like this style....what should I do?
  2. None of my chloes had their hardwear wrapped, and did you make sure to check the inside zipper pocket of your bag? This is usually where they will tuck the care card and tag card if it was not on the out side of your bag. Hope this helps a little!!
  3. do you really want the card? when NM has sales sometimes they miss the care card or tag, just because it's kind of a mess during sales season, but it doesn't mean the bag's fake or anything... if you love the bag it should be fine.

    i've never seen the chloe hardware wrapped?
  4. I checked the inside and outside pockets, they are not there...:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  5. I know it's's just I hope it's 100% new since I paid $$ for it.
  6. I would be hugely suspicious of a bag that came with the hardware wrapped. Wrapped hardward often means that the bag is fake! I am annoyed when a bag arrives without cards and tags but it does happen.
  7. Its only fake bags which come with the hardware wrapped, these bags also come with a leather swatch which is a good authenticity point!! The date code of the bag should be in the inside of the pocket on a piece of leather, the heatstamp is also a good indicator. If you want to post pics in the authenicity thread, someone will be happy to help!:heart: As the bag was purchased at an authorised Chloe store, you should have absolutely no problems.
  8. Hi, I purchased a Kooba Sienna bag from them, and got it with absolutely no tags, not Neimans or Kooba, which is usually a brown hangtag. When I called they said they always take the tags off at the warehouse. I found that odd and sent it back. When I called again to tell them I sent it back that day, the next person was surprised that it had no tags and said it wasn't common for them to take tags off.
    So who knows what's normal?
    I just felt weird about it.
  9. i just bought a new chloe sale bag at Nordies and it didn't come with any cars, tags, etc.

    anddd, it came with a burberry dust bag:p however, i know it's authentic and it was such a great deal, but i know what you mean about wanting all of the original loot w/ it. just makes the purchase seem that much more complete.
  10. If the handles and the hardware are wrapped then its a fake. Id steer clear of anything wrapped like that.
    As yours was not wrapped you have no need to worry have you? Also id not worry about the hang tag and care card not being there. They are not important. Its the invoice from the company you bought it from that is more important. I guess as you got the bag at a bargain price there could be a chance the tag was damaged?

    If i was you id just enjoy the bag and smile.
  11. Please, in the future, all questions regarding authenticity need to be posted in the Authenticate This Chloe thread. Thank you!