Does Chloe authenticate?

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  1. i bought a chloe bag that is a rare style according to the seller. Does anyone here know if chloe authenticates? As well as Niemans or saks? Thanks for your help
  2. Do you have pictures? What is the style name?

    I don't know if Chloe authenticates but we can at least tell you what we think!
  3. I don't know what Chloe's policy is, but most boutiques do not authenticate. You can always call them and ask.
  4. I will call them once I get the bag (I know chanel doesn't authenticate, but I thought someone here got a paddy authenticated) I'm pretty sure it's real, just a little skittish! I will post pics once I get it.
  5. No, Chloe does not authenticate. I brought my paddy to the Chloe boutique in NYC and asked but the SA told me that as a company, they do not authenticate. I bought my paddy at Nordstrom so I knew that it was authentic anyway.
  6. That's why eBay sellers require you to have the bag authenticated and provide them with a written document from the Chloe boutique for returns...they know that Chloe won't do it, so you cannot comply with their return "policy"...nice, huh?
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