Does Chanel Use Line Names???

  1. I have THREE Chanel Bags, that i'm selling for someone.

    Do they have line names. If they do does it help to use these names when selling them.
    They are gorgeous bags and if I had a disposable income I'd keep them all, but well I don't...So I was going to post a photo of each and hope someone might take pity on a newbie and help me out. I also have a Prada, Bottega and a couple of Louis they have all been authenticated so now I just need to do the leg work of figuring out what to call them and best explain them to be able to get this lovely lady the most for her purses, she is going into a retirement home and needs to liquidate as much of her designer things as possible. It truly isn't a sob story we know the family very well, her hubby was a famous gambler and odds maker on TV and in Vegas and he died on a downturn in his career and unfortunately she didn't invest well so she has to sell things to be able to afford the rest of her life :sad: It's really sad...
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