does chanel take your cc number fto be in reserved list?

  1. i am new to the whole pre ordering/ being in the reserve list thing. i would like to know if chanel boutique takes your cc number to put your name in the reserve list. i just reserved a bag from balenciaga and they took my cc number.
    just wondering.... i just want to make sure i get the bag, thats all.
  2. I'm pretty sure that it's common practice to take your credit card number. So that way, when the bag comes in they can charge it and ship it right to you.
  3. they have never taken mine, not at the actual boutique nor in the boutiqoe inside NM.
  4. The boutiques have just written my name and phone # down on their reserve list with no cc #. But when I preordered my bag at the Saks trunk show I gave them my Saks cc #.
  5. My boutique only take my name and phone number. And once the bag arrives (and if i still haven't changed my mind) .. they will call to confirm.. i only give my cc number when i go to the store to pick up the bag or when they ship to me
  6. Same here, just name and phone number.
  7. elongreach, chanel did not take my cc number, and thats why i am kinda worried as to whether or not i am actually gonna get it. i really dont mind balenciaga taking the cc number because that way i am sure i will get the bag. but i guess, other ladies in here have only been asked name and phone number.
    thanks ladies..... :smile:
  8. The policy in the department stores is to take your name and phone number in advance. When the bag comes in, the s/a calls to see if you still want to make the purchase. So technically you're reserving it as a first right of refusal.
  9. I think it depends on the Chanel boutique. Chanel South Coast Plaza (CA) requires the cc# and they will automatically charge when the bag comes in. But Chanel NYC just takes your name and number...
  10. My Chanel boutique just takes my name and number. The impression I get is that they expect me to come in and look at the bag, try it on, and then make the final decision about buying it. I think this makes sense when you're dropping a grand or two on a handbag.

    If it's something that I really want and don't hear from the store in a few weeks, I will call and check in. I have a good relationship with my SA, though, so I trust that she will call me.