Does Chanel repair?

  1. I have a 2006 white Caviar tote this has been getting good (but careful!!) use this summer and I notice a thread is pulling from the seam! :wtf: I bought it at NM - what should I do? Go back to them? Call Chanel? I know how to handle an LV or Hermes repair, but what about Chanel?

  2. Call Chanel. I'm sure you can ship it to them and get it fixed.
  3. If you got it at NM, you can take it back to them and they can send it in for repair. Otherwise, just call Chanel.

    Although NM won't send it in for you if you didn't get it from them - I was just at KOP yesterday and wanted to send my large Cambon tote in for repair, and the SA said she couldn't send it in since I didn't get it from NM.
  4. Yep! Take it back to Neiman's and they'll write up a repair ticket and send it out for repair. I have two that I'm waiting for to come back right now! Hope they can fix it!
  5. Great - thanks! That's the easiest for me to do anyway, so that's perfect!

    One more there a charge?
  6. They've charged me to repair every Chanel I've ever sent out. Price depends on the issue. For instance, I've had pretty small repairs done at the tune of $50.00. This time, I have two bags being repaired. My total to repair both is $300.00! Yikes! But it's worth it. I need handles replaced on one and the other needs to be dyed.

    I'm editing because I did want to mention that they will call you FIRST before doing any work to let you know how much the repair is going to be. So, just make sure you give them a phone number that you can be reached at any time. I always give my cell phone number.
  7. Thanks again for the detailed info! :flowers:
  8. Hi print*model - Is Chanel going to dye your bag and if so, have you ever had this done before? Just curious if it's going from a light color to a darker color. I know the texture can sometimes change depending on the leather and I wonder about the absorbtion of the dye process too. TIA