Does Chanel Reissue worth it?

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  1. I recently received Chanel Reissue 2.55 in Grey, size 277.
    I'm not sure if I LOVE the bag. It's a nice classic bag and all, but does it worth $2090??

    My dilenma is, when I return it, and a couple of weeks later, I decide that I want it again, and won't be able to find this bag anymore. It's strange, but it happened to me before, some bags grows on you after a little while........
  2. If you love it keep it. It's a classic and timeless;furthermore this one is limited. I have one myself and although I haven't worn it that much but I know when I wear it I feel the looove. I think it is worth the price.
  3. My opinion is, if you don't love it, return it. For $2090, it's better to have a bag you absolutely love instead of one you're on the fence about. That's a big chunk of money, and should go toward a bag you know you'll love and actually use.
  4. I agree.

    Take that $2090 and buy something you really love!
  5. Pictures, please? I think a lot of us look this bag and it's on our list to buy. But I agree with the others, get one that you truly love and will use, instead of having it for the sake of having it. Have a bag that you love to use.
  6. I understand how you are on the fence about this bag, because I am on the fence about it too. The bag is a classic shape and has many of the classic Chanel hallmarks.

    However, I don't know if the distressed leather matches with the shape and style of the bag. Does the distressed leather just look like scratches? Also, I'm not sure how comfortable the chain straps will be on the shoulder. Would that dig into the skin?

    Lots of luck on your decision!
  7. wow! i'd totally love a chanel! but i agree if you don't love it then get your $$$ back and buy something you totally love - but in the mean time sleep on it, because i dont want you to regret return the chanel!
  8. I had a white in teh 227 model and it was great :biggrin: I'd have kept it if it didnt have a thread coming loose :sad: They couldn't find me another in time and I lost interest.
  9. Thank you everyone for your advice. I still am not sure what I want to do. The bag is special because it's reissued and limited. I like it with certain outfits, but it's not a practical bag, or something that goes with any outfits. But my SA said, the time we worry about matching Clothes, Shoes, and Bags are over 3 years ago, and we should think of Bag in a whole different level. So I should carry it with confidence or something. Of course she didn't push me to keep the bag, but that made me think, too. I'll sleep on it, and decide what I want to do.
  10. i ordered one from NM last year, but when i acutally saw it in person i was not very excited. It was quite similar to my other tweed chanels except the leather is kinda aged and the chain's different. By that time (and up till now) i was falling for big slouching bags, so i let it go.
    so i guess if u never had a structured small bag before, this one is a keeper, since it is still a classic. otherwise, it is not that special after all...
  11. for that much, i'd get a red flap bag, but i saw somewhere here that the bag that looks like a gorgeous red lipstick red is more orangy, or a black. it all depends on if you truly like it, if you havent found yourself modeling in your mirror time and time again, then keep looking, i bet youll find one your completely smitten over. :biggrin:
  12. for that much money, i wouldn't keep the bag if i wasn't sure about it. too bad i love the grey reissue passionately and currently don't have the funds!!!
  13. I would keep it if you can because it is a classic bag and a great addition to your collection. You can wear the grey anywhere, it's very neutral.
  14. Ha ha. This is an old thread but i thought it was funny how everyone was complaining about them being $2090 back then and now they are $2495!!! :wtf:

    Now $2090 sounds really good. :roflmfao:
  15. yeah....$2090 sounds great right now....just based on that I would keep will end up paying the increased prices for something else now. The gray is awesome.....I think it will grow on you....especially after all the compliments you will receive ! HA!